Moments Eluding EP out October 31st on Kning Disk

Well, its been a long time coming, but in a few weeks time my solo piano EP will be released in Peter Broderick’s piano series for the Kning Disk label. It will be volume three, the first being by Peter himself and the second being ‘The Bells’ by Nils Frahm.

Everything was recorded in one day all the way back in December 2010 at the now defunct Tabalet Estudis outside Valencia in Spain. Peter Broderick was always nearby to offer advice or to calm me down when I was getting frustrated at myself. It was a strange day – I felt totally uninspired, but the clock was ticking and I knew we had to leave with something, so I just played. I played a few tracks that I had been playing in my live shows for a while (The Spin, With Everything that Breathes, Better), then wasted hours trying to get the perfect version of a track recorded, only to realise upon listening back that every take was unusable…mainly because the song wasn’t very good..! The rest of the day we spent improvising, and most of what you hear on the EP comes from those moments. I left the studio that day feeling like a failure, like the experiment hadn’t worked and all I had done was wasted a bunch of money. But after a few days, Peter coerced me to listen back and we noticed there we some moments of magic within all the sighing, cursing and mistakes. Somehow being in that mood seems to have made me play much more tenderly than I am used to. To me this release is not a document of how or what I usually play – its more like a document of one day in my life where I sat down at a piano and we recorded the results.

For various reasons, its now two years later and finally the release date is upon us! It will be a limited run of CD and vinyl editions, and I should have some to sell via this site very soon!

Have a listen to some clips below: