Who are The Group?

You may have noticed that “The Group” will be playing at Haus Ungarn (formerly HBC) on January 24th. “The Group” is a loosely-knit collective of musicians based around Peter Broderick, Casper Clausen (Efterklang), Francesco Donadello (Giardini di Mirò), Martyn Heyne and myself.

The idea is to perform in an informal, casual and completely improvised way – the music has no “style” and anything goes: others musicians passing through town may join us, members of The Group may take the opportunity to try out new material or ideas, songs may stop and start and be discussed halfway through, band members may leave the stage for a while and relax for a bit. This is more a glimpse into the creative process, or the idea of building something out of nothing, than presenting polished songs for an attentive audience. You are welcome to come and drink a beer and just let us play on in the background until we latch onto something and the music begins to take shape – I am sure there will be some boring moments, but I am also sure there will be some moments of pure magic! Ultimately, its all about participation, but its entirely up to you how you wish to participate.

The Group
January 24th, 9pm
Haus Ungarn (formerly HBC)
Karl-Liebknecht Straße 9, Berlin